University Brief "Group Campaign"
"To create a group campaign that uses animation, web design and publication design for a cause that needs addressing"
The Problem
The bee population is declining in the UK. Many people are afraid of bees and see them as a threat and for this reason their importance is often undervalued.
The Solution
The Hive. A café that allows customers to be immersed into a bee's world to understand their importance and learn they are not something to be afraid of. At the same time this café surrounded by flowers that attracts bee's helps their population to grow, while encouraging take home items such as seeds that encourage further growth in the bee population. 
Illustrations for Animation: Using watercolour, I created illustrations to be used for the animation to visualise our concept of "The Hive".
Final Elements: Combined final elements created by the group for our campaign.
Website Design: Creating website "bee-free" in connection with the hive.